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Please select the page on the top to read more information about me. 請選擇以上的頁面以閱讀有關我的更多資訊. Silakan pilih halaman di atas untuk membaca informasi lebih lanjut tentang saya. Bonvolu elekti la paĝon supran por legi pliajn informaĵojn pri mi. Seleccione la página en la parte superior para leer más información sobre mí.

I have read the books below. 我看過下面的書. Saya telah membaca buku-buku di bawah ini. Mi legis la subajn librojn. He leído los libros a continuación.

Italian in Three Months (Hugo)


Designed for people who wish to learn a foreign language for business or vacation purposes, DK's "Hugo" series of audio language courses is perfect for libraries in need of good, inexpensive language cassettes. They help illustrate many of the model words or phrases as well as provide oral exercises that strengthen the student's pronunciation and listening skills. The series takes a realistic approach to learning a foreign language by reinforcing the concept that acquiring knowledge of any foreign language takes time. Users begin with an introduction to word pronunciation, vowels and consonants, and basic grammar conventions. There are a few differences in what is covered by the four languages. For example, the Italian series does not offer the concluding practice reading sessions that the other languages do. One minor quibble: the binding on the study guides does not seem to have been designed for the strenuous use they will see in libraries. Those who wish to begin acquiring a practical base knowledge of French, German, Italian, or Spanish will find DK's series a good choice. Recommended for public and academic libraries.?John Charles, Scottsdale P.L., AZ

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Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Italian-Three-Months-Milena-Reynolds/dp/0852853076

AbeBooks: https://www.abebooks.com/9780852853078/Italian-Three-Months-Hugo-Milena-0852853076/plp

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